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ORTOTO Puzzle Mats Set "Mindfulness Finger SENSORY LABYRINTH"

29.50 €

2x ORTOTO Puzzle Mat Mindfulness Finger SENSORY LABYRINTH

ORTOTO Puzzle Mats Set Mindfulness Finger SENSORY LABYRINTH is designed specifically for relaxation and brain training. Cultivates coordination, fine motor skills, and logical thinking stimulates brain activity, and improves concentration. No age restrictions. Great anti-stress and calming tool for everyone, especially hyperactive children, and adults with a stressful work environment.

Promotes sensory development. A special rippled surface with a height difference allows you to engage nerve endings in the fingertips, stimulating sensitivity and fine motor skills.

Stimulates coordination. Movements simultaneously in different directions stimulate brain activity, help to develop interhemispheric connections and train coordination.

Relieves anxiety and stress. Helps to concentrate. Trains deep breathing and calms the nervous system.

Can be used for meditation, as an anti-stress, interactive toy, as coordination, fine motor skills, and sensory training tool.

The box includes:

"ORTOTO Mindfulness Finger SENSORY LABYRINTH" (30x30 cm) puzzle mat - 2 pcs. Each puzzle mat is one of the ORTOTO puzzle mats. It works well as a piece of any ORTOTO set because of the unique locks and sensory surface.


Made of certified high-quality materials (BPA & Phthalate Free).

Recommended age:

2 years +