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Ortoto - Massage Puzzle Mats Shop now Brain Training Activity Games ORTOTO Set ''World of Sensory Soft Bricks LARGE'' (32 pcs.)

ORTOTO Set ''World of Sensory Soft Bricks LARGE'' (32 pcs.)

59.90 €

1x ORTOTO Bricks Base
32x ORTOTO Bricks
10x Figure Cards
1x Scorecard

Explore the benefits of sensory play.

Designed for children of all ages, this building block game helps develop sensory and motor skills, enhances imagination, and lets kids discover different shapes, figures, and numbers. Develops social skills, building together strengthens collaboration and negotiation skills. Promotes speech & language, and encourages oral self-expression, e.g., describing what was built and telling stories about it.

How it works:

Through the power of touch, our sensory bricks become fascinating objects. Players can construct them individually or with others by following the enclosed instructions. Alternatively, they can let their imagination roam freely.

The box includes:

''ORTOTO Bricks Base'' (30x30 cm) is one of the ORTOTO puzzle mats. It works well as both a basis for creating figures and a piece of any ORTOTO set because of the unique locks and sensory surface.

32 ORTOTO Bricks: 8 different colors (light red, navy blue, yellow, light green, bubblegum pink, lavender, pumpkin orange, azure blue) and 4 different sizes.

10 Figure Cards: Showing different figures that can be built by following our instructions.

Scorecard: To mark progress playing alone or with a group.


Made of certified high quality materials (BPA & Phthalate Free).

Recommended age:

2 years +