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ORTOTO Puzzle Mats Set "Intensive Barefoot Path"

66.50 €


Begin the journey of wonders! It all starts right here with this magical path that will lead your body and feet to intense relaxation. As if you travelled through rough seas, thick forests and back in time to discover the secrets of ancient Asian acupuncture. It’s like the time machine just for your senses!

• Prevents flat feet and varus/valgus conditions.
• Strengthens foot muscles.
• Reduces anxiety and stress.
• Relieves pain and muscle tension.

Designed for intense workouts and deep relaxation.

ORTOTO Puzzle Mats Set “Intensive Barefoot Path” includes 6 puzzles:

2x Sandy Waves | Stiff
2x Shining Sun | Stiff
2x Pinecones | Stiff

Size of each puzzle mat: 30×30 cm


Made of certified high quality materials (BPA & Phthalate Free).

Recommended age:

2 years +