ORTOTO Puzzle Mats Set "Nature Gifts"

82.70 €


Enjoy your quality time with Mother Nature! Meet your friends, conquer sandy hills (they look like little pyramids) and run to the lake to throw stones into the water. Feel the gentle touch of the morning dew on the grass and then jump onto the pleasantly spiky spruce forest floor.

• Prevents orthopaedic issues.
• Increases blood circulation.
• Improves brain development.
• Enhances motor skills.

ORTOTO Puzzle Mats Set “Nature Gifts” includes 8 puzzles:

1x Spikes | Stiff
1x Spikes | Soft
2x Grass | Soft
2x Stones | Stiff
1x Little Pyramids | Stiff
1x Little Pyramids | Soft

Size of each puzzle mat: 30×30 cm


Made of certified high quality materials (BPA & Phthalate Free).

Recommended age:

2 years +