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ORTOTO Puzzle Mats Set "Sensory&Calm Pastel"

86.90 €


Grab some crayons and paint the sweetest childhood dream! Here you are slowly walking on fresh grass (or is it a cloud?), exploring the shapes of pinecones (they are soft like cushions!), following the stone path made of waffles and jumping over gentle creamy waves.

• Relieves tension in feet muscles.
• Has calming pastel colour pallet.
• Creates soothing environment for babies.
• Goes well with cosy home or professional interiors.

Designed for calm sensory stimulation (ideal for babies).

ORTOTO Puzzle Mats Set “Sensory&Calm Pastel” includes 8 puzzles:
2x Grass | Soft
2x Stones | Stiff
2x Sandy Waves | Stiff
2x Pinecones | Soft

Size of each puzzle mat: 30×30 cm


Made of certified high quality materials (BPA & Phthalate Free)

Recommended age:

2 years +