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ORTOTO Puzzle Mats Set "Stimulative Rainbow"

92.55 €


Plant a rainbow and walk its bridge to the new world of senses. Bright colours dance around setting your imagination free! Reach out for the shining sun, walk the steepest hills, roll in the grass, and leave your footprints in the colourful sand. Let the rainbow wash all the tensions away!

• Helps prevent flat feet for kids.
• Provides deep massage for adults.
• Develop colour recognition and imagination.
• Stimulates brain, motor skills, and blood circulation.

Designed for enhanced touch and sight stimulation.

ORTOTO Puzzle Mats Set “Stimulative Rainbow” includes 9 puzzles:

2x Grass | Soft
1x Spikes | Soft
1x Spikes | Stiff
1x Little Pyramids | Stiff
1x Little Pyramids | Soft
2x Sandy Waves | Stiff
1x Shining Sun | Stiff

Size of each puzzle mat: 30×30 cm


Made of certified high quality materials (BPA & Phthalate Free).

Recommended age:

2 years +